Online Advertising Strategies + Landing Page Development

Full Day・9AM - 4PM

In the user-buyer journey, strategy is key. Learn how to create ad strategies that will continually drive your customers to the next step in their journey, and ultimately your landing page.

Before you begin throwing money at an advertisement, you need to think about how it supports your business objectives, how you will measure success and how much money you’re willing to invest to achieve your goals.

Learn the power of a landing page, the key differences from your website and the various elements to consider when designing your page.

Considering your user-buyer journey, think about the various sources of traffic your audience will take to find your landing page.

After thinking through your advertising strategy, learn about the tools used to build your first landing page.

The data provided from the various digital marketing platforms is only as powerful if used to optimize your strategy. Learn what to look for and how to improve your results to optimize your advertising spend.

After successfully converting your audience to perform your Call To Action, what happens next? Learn about the processes and tools that can help to nurture your relationship with your new prospective client.

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