Google Search Ads

Full Day・9AM - 4PM

This is your introduction to basic Google Ads concepts and best practices for creating effective ads, helping customers find you, and managing your campaigns.

Learn the types of ads you can create to reach new customers and turn your ad dollars into revenue.

You need to focus on exactly what you’re trying to achieve with Google Ads before you begin. Let’s discuss.

From the auction system to ad extensions, learn the factors that will move your ad to the top of the search page.

Get set up so when people are searching for exactly what you have to offer, you’ll be ready for them.

Learn the importance of choosing quality keywords to ensure you show up in relevant searches.

Choose the goals, budget and audience to create a campaign that will serve your ad to the right people.

Get into the mind of your customer. Determine the words and phrases they might Google to find your ad.

Your ad must be relevant and specific to a certain search your customer is performing. We’ll show you how to do this.

Plug in all the elements we’ve gone over and create your first legit ad, ready to be published. Then: split testing.

Learn how to check on and adjust your campaign elements until you’re satisfied with your return on investment.

Your Investment

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