Instagram + Facebook Stories for Business

½ Day・9AM - 12PM

Not only are Facebook and Instagram Stories fun and creative, they’re great tools for helping your business meet marketing goals and objectives.

Learn what Instagram & Facebook Stories are, how they work, and which business objectives they can help you accomplish.

Discover how to distinguish which type of content works best as a Story or a post, and how the two can work together.

From planning and design to frequency and timing, it’s important to understand how Stories tie back to your marketing goals.

Learn the types of Stories you can create, see examples, and get your hands dirty as we dig into the tool.

A simple photo or video on its own just won’t cut it. Here are a bunch of tips and tricks that’ll make your Stories stand out.

Your Stories are a unique and new way to engage with and advertise to your customers with objectives from brand awareness to website sales.

Instagram Stories highlights are an awesome way to share important information front and centre on your profile.

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