February 13, 2024

24 Best ChatGPT Prompts to Use for Social Media

ChatGPT is an innovative tool business can use to streamline content creation, engagement and brand-building across various platforms.

While we’re certain you’ve heard of the tool, for a deeper dive into the inner workings of ChatGPT, check out our comprehensive guide, What is ChatGPT?

Why should your business embrace ChatGPT for your social media marketing strategy? 

From generating fresh content ideas on the fly to refining social media scripts with a touch of creativity, ChatGPT adds an innovative layer to the content creation process. 


It’s a time-saving, efficiency-boosting tool that not only enhances the quality of content but also empowers marketers to connect with their audience on a deeper level.


The KEY to unlocking the full potential of ChatGPT? Crafting effective prompts. It’s not just about typing a question; it’s about guiding ChatGPT to understand your unique needs and preferences. In our guide on How to Write Prompts for ChatGPT, we dive into the art of constructing prompts that yield optimal results.


In them meantime, read on for a bigger understanding of how you can use ChatGPT to help with your social media.

1. Content Ideas

Content ideas are the real MVP of a killer social media game—they’re the secret sauce that stops people mid-scroll and gets them interacting with your account. When your content is on point, users not only engage but might even hit that follow button.


For many businesses, the recurring question is around what to share on social media. Some turn to tools like AnswerThePublic, a cool platform that spills the tea on trending queries related to a keyword or topic, while others ride the wave of the latest social media trends.


However, many businesses haven’t caught on to the fact that ChatGPT can whip up a list of social media content ideas in no time at all. Here are a few ChatGPT prompts we love for providing new social media content ideas:


  • Generate a comprehensive list of engaging social media content ideas tailored specifically for [Industry].
  • Develop a series of social media content ideas based on the following pillars: 1) Humanize, 2) Community, 3) Expert, and 4) Promotional.
  • Provide a diverse range of social media content ideas customized for [Business Name], highlighting our primary offerings and unique value proposition.


Example: ChatGPT prompt for social media content ideas

2. Content Pillars

Content pillars serve as the foundation of any winning social media strategy. These are the key themes that shape your content and keep your brand message consistent.


Embracing content pillars in your social media strategy offers numerous benefits. They provide a structured approach, ensuring a cohesive brand narrative. By focusing on specific themes, you create content that resonates with your audience and establishes your brand identity.


Here are a few ChatGPT prompts we love for generating new social media content pillars:


  • Generate a comprehensive list of 4 social media content pillars tailored specifically for [Industry].
  • Identify and provide 4 social media content pillars that are popular and effective for TikTok engagement.
  • Identify and provide 4 social media content pillars that are popular and effective for LinkedIn engagement.
  • Identify and provide 4 social media content pillars that are popular and effective for Instagram engagement.
  • Identify and provide 4 social media content pillars that are popular and effective for Facebook engagement.


Example:ChatGPT prompt for identifying social media content pillars

3. Content Calendar

A content calendar is like the North Star for your social media strategy; it guides you, keeps you on track, and ensures your content journey is well-planned.


A content calendar brings order to the chaos of content creation, offering a roadmap for what, when, and where to post. This not only helps in maintaining a consistent online presence but also aligns your content with your overarching business goals.


Bonus Tip! Grab our complementary Social Media Content Calendar Template, a handy tool to organize all your content ideas in one location. Download it today and start using it!


Here are a few ChatGPT prompts we love for creating monthly social media content calendars:


  • Create a monthly social media content calendar providing a list of social media content ideas following these content pillars: 1) Humanize 2) Community 3) Expert 4) Promotional.
  • Create a social media content calendar organized around specific themes for the month. Provide content ideas that align with the seasonal trends or relevant topics. Provide a content calendar for [Month].



chat gpt prompt for a social media content calendar

4. Script Writing

Script writing is essential for effective pre-production for reels and other videos, and it plays a pivotal role for several reasons. Firstly, the script determines the video’s structure, influencing factors such as flow, duration, and overall impact. A script ensures that a story is being told and all the important elements are included and flow well.


Additionally, having a script helps actors prepare and stay on point, recognizing that not everyone can conjure up spontaneous dialogue on the spot.


Pro Tip: While ChatGPT isn’t the go-to for generating entire scripts due to its limitations, it shines when used as a supplementary tool to elevate script quality. Consider ChatGPT more as a consultant, enhancing rather than taking over the scriptwriting process.


Here are a few ChatGPT prompts we love for improving our social media scripts:


  • Enhance the script to give it a more engaging and social media-friendly tone. How can we infuse energy, humour, or relatability to make the content more shareable and appealing to our target audience on social media?” [Insert Reels Script]
  • Evaluate the script’s introduction and suggest improvements to create a stronger hook. How can we grab the audience’s attention right from the start, making them eager to continue watching or reading the content? [Insert Reels Script]
  • Review the script and provide edits to make it more concise without sacrificing key information. Identify areas where we can streamline the message while maintaining clarity and impact. [Insert Reels Script]

5. Caption Writing

In the lively world of social media, crafting captions is a big deal. Platforms are all about keywords these days, and a well-crafted caption with the right keywords is essential. Plus, it’s not just about getting likes; it’s also about showing up in searches.


Social Media SEO, often referred to as Social Media Optimization (SMO), is the strategic use of social media platforms to enhance a brand’s online visibility and improve its discoverability on social media networks. By optimizing social media profiles, content, and engagement practices, businesses aim to increase their discoverability.


So, in a nutshell, sprinkling in those relevant keywords isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a smart move. It’s like telling your story not just to your followers but also to the magical algorithms that decide who shows up first in the online crowd.


Bonus Tip! For a deeper dive into SEO strategies, check out our SEO Tips for Small Business Websites


Pro Tip: While ChatGPT isn’t your go-to for crafting entire captions, it excels at enhancing existing ones. Leveraging ChatGPT as a supplementary tool in caption refinement ensures an infusion of creativity, ensuring your captions are not only optimized for search but also resonate authentically with your audience.


Here are a few ChatGPT prompts we love for improving our social media captions:


  • Inject the brand’s personality into the social media captions. Consider the language, tone, and style to align the captions with our brand identity and connect with our audience on a more personal level. [Insert Brand Voice] + [Insert Caption].
  • Enhance this social media caption by incorporating keywords related to the topic, ensuring optimal searchability and alignment with the content’s central theme. [Insert Caption].

6. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the art and science of strategically refining and enhancing your brand’s presence on various social media platforms. It involves fine-tuning elements such as profiles, content, and engagement strategies to maximize visibility, foster audience engagement, and ultimately drive meaningful interactions. 


SMO is paramount for social media success as it not only ensures that your brand’s online identity is polished and cohesive but also contributes to improved discoverability.


Bonus Tip! For a deeper dive into optimizing your social media accounts, check out our Tips to Improve Your Social Media Profiles


Here are a few ChatGPT prompts we love for optimizing our social media accounts:


  • Craft a concise and compelling Facebook intro description within the 101-character limit.
  • Craft an Instagram bio using line breaks within the 150-character limit.
  • Craft a concise and impactful TikTok bio within the 80-character limit
  • Generate creative ideas for Instagram Highlight Stories covers. Consider our brand aesthetics and key themes.

7. Keywords & Hashtags

The strategic use of keywords has gained popularity over hashtags, emphasizing the importance of incorporating relevant keywords to enhance content visibility and relevance. While hashtags continue to play a crucial role, it’s essential to strike a balance and avoid overloading content with them.

Let’s explore some ChatGPT prompts that we find particularly effective for generating new keywords and hashtags:


  • Expand the list of keywords related to [Insert Specific Keyword]. Explore synonyms, variations, and related terms that can enhance the content’s discoverability and relevance.
  • Generate a comprehensive list of keywords associated with [Insert Industry]. Identify key terms, jargon, and trending topics within the industry to optimize content for search and engagement.
  • Create a set of effective hashtags for a social media campaign or content piece. Consider both popular and niche hashtags relevant to the topic or industry.



chatGPT prompt for keyword research

8. Analytics

Analytics play a pivotal role in shaping data-driven decision-making in social media. By diving into performance metrics, businesses gain valuable insights into engagement, reach, and conversion rates. This can help unravel patterns and trends that inform strategic improvements.


Series-based content stands as a dynamic strategy in social media, introducing a concept where the success of a particular content piece sparks a recurring series. Once your business identifies content that resonates and garners high reach and engagement, try turning that content into a series. 


This approach taps into the proven appeal of a content theme and establishes anticipation and familiarity among the audience. By extending the life and impact of a successful content idea through a series, businesses foster consistency, strengthen brand identity, and forge a deeper connection with their audience. 


This iterative process of building on what works ensures a strategic and audience-centric approach to content creation on social media platforms.


Pro Tip: While ChatGPT provides valuable recommendations, it’s important to note that ChatGPT is only accurate 72% of the time.  Remember, the final decision-making should be in the hands of experienced professionals who can blend ChatGPT’s insights with their expertise for optimal results.


Here are a few ChatGPT prompts we love using to analyze data and analytics:


  • Analyze the performance metrics of our recent social media post. [Provide insights into engagement, reach, and conversion rates]. What patterns or trends can be identified, and what recommendations can be made for improvement?
  • Analyze the demographics of our social media audience, [Provide social media audience age, gender, and location]. How can we tailor our content and messaging to better resonate with our target audience based on these demographic insights?

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