December 13, 2023

The 2024 Social Media Content Calendar You Need (Free Download)

While it’s generally a fun and creative part of marketing, creating social media content can also be stressful and time consuming.


We’re here to help make it easier with our Blue Moose Media 2024 Social Media Content Calendar, pre-filled with lots of dates to consider, some great tools to keep things organized, and plenty of room for you to add your own post ideas.



How to Use the Calendar

Below are the categories included in our calendar and tips on how to fill the assigned spaces for each category.


1. Event

Name the event you’re highlighting or the reason for posting on that day.


2. Content Pillar

Select which content pillar you’re fulfilling from the dropdown menu. Is your post about Community, Expertise, a Product or Service, or is it Humanizing your business? See examples in the list on the right side of the calendar.


3. Content Type

Select the type of content you plan to deliver (photo, reel, etc.), choosing from the dropdown menu.


4. Content Idea

Describe the overall idea for the content so you recall at a glance what you plan to create for that day. For example, you might say: A reel that introduces each team member’s name and shows them at work in the office/warehouse/etc.


5. Assets Required

List the things you need to procure in order to complete the content. For example, if you were shooting the reel mentioned above, you might say: A 3-4 second video of each person at work in their role, copy to use in the caption, choose music for the reel, ensure we have the correct wording for each person’s role.


6. Other Notes

Use this for additional thoughts, directions, reminders, links to your content inspiration… whatever it takes to create your plan.



How to Get Your Copy of the Calendar 


If you use Google Sheets, click here to open the file and save a copy.


If you use Excel Spreadsheets, open this file , click File > Download > Microsoft Excel (see image below) to save as an Excel file in order to access the social media content calendar features. 





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