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Our Digital Marketing Consulting empowers Saskatchewan businesses to navigate their online presence. As Saskatchewan’s award-winning digital marketing company, we’re committed to transforming your online presence into an unparalleled experience.

Tailored Digital
Marketing Strategy

Our team takes the time to understand your unique needs, ensuring every marketing effort is tailored to deliver the best results for your business.

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Online Presence

With our expert guidance, your online presence will soar to new heights, capturing the attention of potential customers far and wide.

Your Competitors

Our consultants are like navigators, steering you through uncharted waters and helping you outmaneuver the competition

Elevate Your
Brand Awareness

With our digital marketing consulting, we’ll raise your brand’s recognition and influence to legendary levels.

Why Choose Blue Moose Media?

Get Fresh New Perspectives on Your Business

Our seasoned team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, aiming to revolutionize your digital footprint.


We acknowledge the distinctiveness of every business—each with its unique foundations, aspirations, and objectives. This fuels our dedication to truly engage with your business, and understanding your brand identity on a deeper level. Our strategy is far from one-size-fits-all; each plan is intricately designed to meet your specific business goals.


With our expertise in Digital Consulting and Social Media Consulting, we craft data-driven decisions that push your business into the digital forefront. Staying updated with the latest marketing trends and best practices is our norm, ensuring that our guidance is always fresh, securing your success in the digital landscape.

Hybrid Approach

Benefit from the best of both worlds with our hybrid consulting approach, offering virtual and in-person consultations tailored to your preferences and convenience.

Personalized Strategy Development

Receive customized digital marketing strategies designed to align precisely with your business objectives and target audience, ensuring optimal results.

“They are a very Knowledgeable team that is always there to help, I would definitely recommend Blue Moose Media to anyone seeking Social Media Training or Social Media Consulting

Zoe Meinen
New Life Ag

Our Digital Marketing Consulting Approach

Our consulting approach is all about empowering you through an interactive and collaborative journey. We believe in empowering Saskatchewan businesses with the latest digital marketing practices and trends.

With our comprehensive 5-step Consulting Approach, we meticulously craft, execute, and optimize every aspect of your digital marketing strategy for remarkable results. It’s a journey like no other, where success is not just a destination, but a thrilling adventure we embark on together.


Uncover unique challenges and opportunities for tailored strategies.


Leverage data-driven insights and market research for a competitive edge.


Craft a comprehensive roadmap with clear objectives and audiences.


Deliver a strategy connecting customers to business objectives.


Equip teams for seamless strategy implementation and growth.

Blue Moose Media consultant giving digital marketing consultation via laptop to client

Step 1 - Identify

In the first step, we work closely with you to understand your unique strengths, pain points, and aspirations, allowing us to build a solid foundation for crafting effective and tailored strategies.

Through collaborative discussions and an open exchange of ideas, we ensure that your voice is heard, and your vision shapes our path forward.

Blue Moose Media consultant giving digital marketing consultation via laptop to client
Blue Moose Media consultant analyzing graphs on paper for digital marketing strategy

Step 2 - Analyze

Leveraging the power of analytics and market research, we dive deep into your existing data and conduct fresh research to extract valuable insights.

Our data-driven approach ensures that we create strategies that resonate with your target customers and drive meaningful engagement.

Blue Moose Media consultants team strategizing on couch and drawing on window wall

Step 3 - Strategize

We collaborate closely with you to define clear and measurable objectives, outlining the path toward achieving your business goals.

From identifying the most relevant target audiences to fine-tuning the marketing mix, every aspect of your strategy is thoughtfully crafted for maximum impact.

Blue Moose Media consultants team strategizing on couch and drawing on window wall
Blue Moose Media Consultant delivering digital marketing consultation presentation through virtual meeting

Step 4 - Delivery

Our team of experts translates data-driven insights and creative ideas into actionable steps that align with your vision.

This comprehensive roadmap encompasses various digital channels, ensuring that every element works cohesively to bridge the gap between your business aspirations and customer expectations.

Blue Moose Media Consultant analyzing online campaign

Step 5 - Execute

Success in the digital realm requires not only a well-crafted strategy but also a skilled and empowered team.

Through comprehensive training and personalized coaching, we nurture a culture of excellence within your organization, driving the successful implementation of the strategy.

Blue Moose Media Consultant analyzing online campaign

Meet Our Expert Digital Marketing Consultants

We’re thrilled to curate a team of Digital Marketing Consultants whose enthusiasm for all things digital shines through.

Each team member is handpicked based on their remarkable real-world expertise and industry knowledge. We only settle for the cream of the crop.

Our diverse team is well-versed in the digital realm, from crafting engaging social media campaigns to optimizing Google search rankings and utilizing data-driven marketing decisions. Our consultants are devoted to delivering unmatched outcomes.

Get to know our consultants and discover the power of their innovative ideas and strategic brilliance.

Graphic design showcasing the Blue Moose Media team

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