delivered In-Person or Virtually

Premium, interactive, instructor-led training.

Our training was designed to provide you with real-world, practical knowledge and skills to confidently use social media and digital marketing to grow your business online.

Choose our 4-day or 6-day Digital Marketing Certification, choose to learn virtually or in-person, and prepare to LEARN as you DO the work in class.

Get our complete curriculums, plus info on fees, dates and available funding.


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Built for Saskatchewan businesses.

We’ve designed our courses to focus on the most important aspects of social media and digital marketing for small businesses.

  • Using best practices to build a solid content strategy
  • Saving time and money by learning skills and efficiencies
  • Learning to maximize and optimize your digital efforts

Delivered in person or online

Choose what works best for you—learn in person in our training centre or from the comfort of your home or office in our live, online classroom.

  • 8 hours of training each day
  • Small groups to ensure plenty of attention is given to each student
  • Real-time interaction with your expert instructors and other class participants
  • Q&A, discussions and exercises to enhance your learning
  • One-on-one opportunities with instructors
  • All you need is your laptop and a smartphone

Which option best suits your needs?

Our Digital Marketing Certification comprises two phases: Organic Social Media and Paid Targeted Advertising. After Phase 1, you’ll have one month apply what you’ve learned before rejoining us for feedback and more training in Phase 2.


Course Overview

Strengthen your skills and grow your confidence as you learn how to increase brand awareness, reach your ideal audience, compel them to engage, and generate quality leads to grow your business.

Grow your understanding of the benefits of digital marketing and how strategy, strong branding, and great content can help you build your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

With a solid strategy in hand, it’s time to develop content that will engage, entertain, inspire and educate your audience. Today is all about learning to create stand-out visuals and compelling copy to help build your brand and grow your business.

Not only are Stories fun and creative, they’re great tools for helping your business meet marketing goals and objectives. Learn the ins and outs of having a personal + professional presence on LinkedIn to grow your network.

In the user-buyer journey, strategy is key. Learn how to create ad strategies that will continually drive your customers to the next step in their journey, and ultimately your landing page.

Cutting through the noise can be challenging, but targeted social media marketing strategies can be used to amplify your message. Learn the tools and skills you need to target audiences, create and manage ads, and monitor performance.

This is your introduction to basic Google Ads concepts and best practices for creating effective ads, helping customers find you, and managing your campaigns.

You could be eligible for Funding!

We’re proud to say our training meets the criteria for the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant, which means you could save money on direct training costs.

Many of our students have received funding through these awesome resources.

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