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We’re not your average digital marketing agency; we’re a team of experts who are curious about all things digital and passionate about sharing our knowledge. From our digital marketing courses and certifications to our consulting services and engaging presentations, we are here to inspire and inform you.

Empowering Saskatchewan
Businesses Digitally

Our Digital Marketing Services cater to businesses of all types and sizes across Saskatchewan. Whether you’re a small, local storefront seeking digital marketing training, a non-profit organization in need of digital marketing strategies, or a larger corporation in search of professional digital marketing consultants — we’ve got you covered!

Located in Saskatoon, we’ve proudly served over 1,000 businesses throughout Saskatchewan, empowering them for digital success.

Saskatchewan’s Award-Winning Leaders

We are Saskatchewan’s premier provider of digital marketing services, offering award-winning courses and a well-deserved reputation as the go-to destination for digital marketing training.

Experienced Digital Marketing Consultants

Our devoted digital marketing team will immerse themselves in your business. We take the time to understand your business needs inside and out to provide strategies to propel your brand forward.

Industry Leaders

With years of experience and a proven track record, Blue Moose Media stands tall as industry leader in the field of digital marketing in Saskatchewan.

Engaging Education

Say goodbye to mundane lectures and hello to interactive sessions that leave you feeling inspired and ready to conquer the digital landscape.

Ongoing Support

As your dedicated partner, we provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your digital marketing journey.

Digital Marketing Courses

Our most sought-after service is our digital marketing and social media courses. With 3 diverse programs covering a range of digital marketing topics, each meticulously crafted course is designed to provide you with hands-on training and expert-backed theory from professionals who have learned by doing it all over the course of their careers.

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Digital Marketing Courses Guided by Savvy Pros

We take immense pride in the thoughtful crafting of our courses. With dedication poured into every detail, our digital marketing training ensures you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for digital success.

Our offerings include, and extend far beyond teaching you how to build your social media presence. Our trio of 3-day courses comprehensively covers all fundamentals, spanning from organic social media and digital advertising to search engine marketing and analytics. Simply put, we’ve got everything covered.

DMS - Courses

Social Media Fundamentals

Our Organic Social Media Course is a 3-day experience covering all the essentials for a successful social media presence. Learn it all – from social media strategy and management to the entire content creation process including Stories and Reels. Dive into content optimization, growth strategies, and how to use ChatGPT to streamline your efforts and save you time.

Skills You’ll Learn

Social Media Advertising

Our Social Media Advertising Course is a 3-day journey designed to make the most of every advertising dollar spent and drive exceptional results for your business. Learn how to create effective advertising campaign strategies, pinpoint your target audience, and craft compelling messaging tailored to your customers. Dive into the creation of landing pages, master Facebook Ads Manager, and cap off your day by creating your very own Facebook Ad Creatives.

Skills You’ll Learn

Google Ads, SEO & Google Analytics 4

Our Search Engine Marketing Course seamlessly blends our SEO Course, Google Ads Course, and GA4 Course, strategically crafted to secure your business the #1 spot on Google. Learn how to craft impactful Google Ads, optimize your website for SEO, and harness the power of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to glean insights and make informed, data-driven decisions

Skills You’ll Learn
You Could Receive Funding!

Don’t let cost deter you from this importnat training. Discover how your business could receive funding for our courses and certifications.

Digital Marketing Certificate

As one of Saskatchewan’s most sought-after courses, our Digital Marketing Certificate spans a comprehensive 9 days, covering all 3 courses. Upon completion, you’ll receive one of our certificates to showcase your newly acquired skills.

Relevant, Real-World Skills

Our Certificates Drive Real Business Results

Our certificates are designed to equip you with relevant skills, hands-on experience, and comprehensive best practices, ensuring your business gains a competitive edge online.

Choose from our two certificates: Completing all 9 days earns you our Digital Marketing Certificate, covering the full spectrum of our expert-led courses: Social Media Fundamentals, Social Media Advertising, and Search Engine Marketing courses.

Alternatively, opt for our 6-day Social Media Marketing Certificate, which covers everything you need to navigate the social media landscape, achieved by completing Social Media Fundamentals and Social Media Advertising courses.

Digital Marketing Certificate

Delivered over 9 days, you’ll gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the digital landscape.


It covers our Social Media Fundamentals and Social Media Advertising courses to help you create engaging content and digital advertising campaigns. It also covers our Search Engine Marketing course to help you secure the top spot on Google. You’ll be well-equipped for every aspect of enhancing your digital presence.

Social Media Marketing Certificate

Delivered over 6 days of training, this certificate covers our Social Media Fundamentals and Social Media Advertising courses. You’ll be equipped with the skills you need to thrive in the world of social media.


Dive into the fundamentals of social media, from building a strategy, creating engaging content and growing your audience, to crafting social media ads tailored to your target audience. 

Which Certificate is Right for You?

With our industry-recognized training under your belt, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to conquer the ever-evolving digital world.

Whether you set your sights on our comprehensive Digital Marketing Certificate or opt for the dynamic Social Media Marketing Certificate, you will emerge with a valuable set of digital skills to grow your business and confidence.

Course Content

Digital Marketing

Designed for Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs & Marketing Teams

Social Media Marketing

Tailored for Social Media Managers, Digital Marketing Enthusiasts & Businesses

Social Media Marketing
Videos for Reels
Digital Advertising Strategy
Landing Page Development
Facebook Ads Manager
Ads Creation
Google Ads
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Keyword Research
Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Web Analytics
Explore Funding Opportunities

Start your training journey now and explore how you can access funding for our Courses & Certificates.

Digital Marketing Consulting

As your dedicated Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultants in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we’re committed to empowering your brand with personalized solutions that deliver tangible results. Our Digital Marketing Consulting services are tailored to help you take on any digital challenge with confidence.

5-Step Consulting Process

Slutions and Strategies Tailored to Your Business

Navigating the online world can be a daunting challenge for businesses of any size, especially if you’ve invested considerable time, money, and resources into your digital presence and aren’t seeing results. 

That’s where our digital marketing consulting services come into play, offering assistance to ensure that every decision you make aligns with the right direction. Our digital marketing consultants employ a proven 5-step consulting process, pinpointing the issues hindering your digital success and crafting a strategic roadmap to execute our recommendations. It’s a tailored approach to guide your business toward digital success.

DMS - Consulting

Personalized Strategies

Every business is unique, and our team of digital marketing consultants will craft personalized solutions designed to achieve your specific goals.

Expert Guidance

Our consultants have worked as high-performing marketers in diverse business and industries, and they bring their hands-on experience to our clients.

Drive Results

Our 5-step consulting process is the key to achieving tangible results and substantial ROI that are bound to leave a resounding impact.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Struggling to grow your social media presence? We’ll identify the key issues and build targeted strategies to boost your social media presence, engage your audience, and grow brand awareness.

Strategy & Analytics Consulting

Empower your marketing efforts with data-driven decisions through our analytics consulting. We dive deep into your analytics, track key performance metrics, and refine your marketing strategies for sustainable and impactful growth.

PPC & SEO Consulting

Battling to secure the top spot on Google? Our consulting offers insights and recommendations to address obstacles in your Google Ads and your website's SEO, ensuring you climb the ranks for those top search engine positions.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Our Digital Marketing Consulting services provide comprehensive guidance to enhance your overall online marketing strategy, leveraging various channels for optimal brand visibility and engagement.

Digital Marketing
Presentations & Webinars

Get ready to be captivated and inspired by our engaging Digital Marketing Presentations & Webinars. As industry-leading experts in digital marketing, we offer a diverse range of topics that cater to businesses and individuals seeking to elevate their online presence.
Inspiring Audiences of All Sizes

Presentations that Inspire and Inform

Engage any room with our diverse range of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing presentations and webinars. Guided by our passionate speakers, these expert talks unravel the latest trends and best practices, sharing powerful strategies to lift your online presence to new heights.

From dynamic keynotes to interactive workshopping sessions, our captivating webinars and presentations deliver practical knowledge while sparking creativity and possibility. Get ready to conquer the digital landscape with renewed excitement after you’ve joined us!

Select From Our Presentation Topics

Our current presentations provide actionable advice to elevate your brand’s social media presence and create seamless digital customer journeys that will draw your audience in at any stage.

Top 5 Tips: Marketing Your Business on Social Media

Discover winning strategies, tips and tricks you can put to work immediately to propel your brand’s social media presence to new heights, while captivating and connecting with your target audience.

A Digital Customer Journey: How to Deliver at Every Step

Let’s walk through creating a seamless digital customer journey for your business that will forge lasting bonds with your audiences, increase conversions, and ignite their loyalty and advocacy for your brand.

Online or In-person

We offer the option for in-person or virtual presentations to suit your audience’s preferences and needs.

Engaging Format

We prefer to engage with our audience, including interactive elements throughout our presentations..

Expert Speakers

Benefit from the knowledge of our speakers — digital marketing experts who've learned by doing the work.

Support Sessions

We understand the challenges that small business owners and entrepreneurs face in navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media and digital marketing. That’s why we offer Support Sessions once you’ve completed our training programs, to provide you with further assistance and guidance.

Personalized Guidance & Solutions

Tailored Support Sessions for Your Business

Once you completed our courses or certificate, our Digital Marketing Support Services offer personalized 1-on-1 sessions to cater to your unique needs. With our team of seasoned experts by your side, you’ll receive dedicated attention focused on addressing your specific challenges and goals.

During these interactive sessions, we provide practical feedback to optimize your strategies, offer troubleshooting assistance to overcome hurdles and deliver custom solutions to empower your brand’s success in the digital landscape. 

Personalized Feedback

Benefit from custom feedback and insights to enhance your digital marketing strategies.

Troubleshooting Solutions

Get expert troubleshooting solutions, to help overcome challenges and achieving results.

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