May 16, 2024

How to Connect Instagram to Your Facebook Business Page: A Tutorial

Your step-by-step guide to linking your IG business account to your FB business page.


Connecting your Facebook business page to your Instagram business account is crucial for streamlining your social media presence. 


However, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has made linking Instagram to Facebook a bit more complicated than it needs to be.


You’ve probably wondered: how do you link Instagram to a Facebook business page?


To make it a more straightforward process, follow our step-by-step guide!



What Happens When You Connect Instagram to Facebook?


There are numerous benefits to linking your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook Business Page, with one of the biggest being access to Meta Business Suite.


Meta Business Suite, provided by Meta (formerly Facebook), serves as a platform for businesses to manage and analyze their presence across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger from a single centralized location.


It offers a range of tools including post scheduling, message and comment responses, insights and analytics, and advertising campaign management. Essentially, it acts as a comprehensive hub for efficiently managing your social media presence and marketing efforts on Meta-owned platforms.

Meta Business Suite logo

Once you’ve connected your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business Account, you gain access to Meta Business Suite and its array of features, which include:


  • Planner: The Planner is a standout feature of Meta Business Suite, allowing you to publish image posts, reels, and stories across Facebook and Instagram from one convenient location. With the ability to plan content for months ahead, it’s a highly efficient time-saving tool.
  • Inbox: Another key feature is the Inbox, providing access to Facebook Comments, Instagram Comments, Instagram DMs, and Messenger messages all in one place. This simplifies communication management across channels, with advanced Inbox features like Automation enhancing efficiency.
  • Analytics: Insights is a powerful yet often underrated tool offering insights into your Facebook and Instagram accounts. This includes audience insights, social media account performance, and detailed content metrics such as views, reach, and engagement.
  • Ads: Lastly, the Ads feature enables you to create and publish ads on Facebook and Instagram. Meta offers a user-friendly approach to ad creation with a relatively simple process. However, for more advanced ad management, diving into Facebook Ads Manager is recommended.
Before You Link Instagram to your Facebook Business Page!

Prior to connecting your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page and utilizing Meta Business Suite, you must first have a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram Business Account.


If you’re unsure how to set up a Facebook Business Page, check out this article, How to Create a Facebook Business Page.


Similarly, if you need guidance on setting up an Instagram Business Account, you can find detailed instructions in this article, How to Set up an Instagram Business Account.


How to Link an Instagram Business Account to Facebook Business Page on a Computer

For the smoothest, simplest experience, we recommend using a computer or laptop rather than a mobile device to follow this tutorial.


This guide is centred around linking Facebook to Instagram from Facebook. However, if you’re interested in learning how to connect your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business Account directly from Instagram, you can find detailed instructions in this article, Connect Facebook Business Page to Instagram from Instagram.


Step 1: Access Your Facebook Business Page on the Desktop

Begin by logging into Facebook on your computer and navigating to your Facebook Business Page.


Upon logging in, you may land on either the For You Dashboard or your actual Facebook Business Page.

Facebook For You Dashboard

If directed to the For You Dashboard, simply navigate to your Business Page by clicking on your profile photo located at the top right corner of the menu navigation.


Alternatively, you can access your Business Page by clicking on your profile icon at the top right corner of the menu navigation. 


A dropdown menu will appear, presenting several options including additional Facebook Pages or Facebook Business Pages you might manage.


Select your Facebook Business Page from the dropdown menu.

Facebook Menu Navigation to Facebook Business Page


This action will lead you to your Facebook Business Page on the desktop interface.

Facebook Business Page UI

Once you’ve reached a screen resembling the one shown here, you’re in the right place!


This marks the initial step in linking your Facebook page with your Instagram account.


Step 2: Access Meta Business Suite

Transitioning from your Facebook Business Page to Meta Business Suite can be done through two methods.


Method #1: Access Meta Business Suite through Facebook Business Page

On the left side of your Business Page, you’ll find the Manage Page menu offering a variety of options. Meta Business Suite will typically appear at the bottom of this menu.


Navigate to and click on Meta Business Suite.

Facebook Business Page Navigating to Meta Business Suite

If you don’t see the Manage Page menu, it’s possible that your Facebook Page isn’t set up as a Facebook Business Page, or you might lack access to it. Both scenarios are quite common.


You can learn how to set up your Facebook Business Page here, How to Set Up your Facebook Business Page


Additionally, discover how to grant access to other users for your Facebook Business Page, How to Provide Other Users Access to your Facebook Business Page.


Method #2: Access Meta Business Suite through Menu Navigation

An alternative way to reach Meta Business Suite is through the same menu navigation we used to access our Facebook Business Suite.


To begin, return to the menu navigation by clicking on your profile picture located at the top right corner of Facebook.

Facebook Menu Navigation to Facebook Business Page

Beneath your Facebook Business Page username, you’ll find Meta Business Suite listed.


Navigate to and click on Meta Business Suite.


Step 3: Connect Instagram Profile to Meta Business Suite

Upon accessing Meta Business Suite, a new tab will open, providing you with the interface to navigate your suite of tools.


This step involves connecting your Facebook Page to Instagram.

Meta Business Suite Homepage Dashboard

While on the homepage of Meta Business Suite, you’ll notice your Facebook Business Page profile photo alongside an Instagram profile photo (the two circles/logos in the bottom left of your cover photo). This is where you’ll link your Facebook Page to your Instagram Profile.


Look at those two profile photos. If your Instagram Business Account is already linked to your Facebook Business Page, you’ll see the option to “Edit Instagram Profile”. See the example in our photo above.


If your Instagram Business Account is not connected to your Business Page, you’ll see “Connect Instagram.” Like this:


Connect Instagram to Facebook


Click on “Connect Instagram” to proceed.

Connect Instagram to Facebook


Meta will display a pop-up showing tasks that can be accomplished in Meta Business Suite after connecting to Instagram.


Click “Connect” to initiate the process of linking Instagram to your Facebook Business Page.

Choose Instagram Message Settings


Another pop-up may appear, offering the option to choose Instagram Message Settings. We recommend keeping this option enabled as it allows you to manage your Instagram DMs through Meta Business Suite.


Step 4: Log into Your Instagram Business Account

We’re almost done with the process of linking Instagram to your Facebook Business Page. As promised, it’s straightforward!


Once you click “Continue,” a pop-up prompting you to log into your Instagram Account will appear.

Instagram Log In UI

Log in to your Instagram Business Account using your phone number, username, or email.


After entering your credentials, click “Log In.”


Note: To connect an Instagram Account to Meta Business Suite, remember you’ll NEED to have an Instagram Business Account. You can find instructions on how to create an Instagram Business Account here.



Step 5: Finished!

Your Instagram Account has been successfully linked to your Facebook Business Page.


Now you can leverage Meta Business Suite to manage your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Account seamlessly.


To explore the full potential of Meta Business Suite and learn how to use it to its fullest, check out this article, Navigating Meta Business Suite.


Ready to use Meta Business Suite? Here’s a great article about boosting your posts to to get the most out of your content.

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