February 10, 2024

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the News

We’ve covered a lot of topics related to Chat GPT. Now it’s time to branch out and explore more AI opportunities that are available to help in the digital marketing space. 


This article roundup has information about AI in the news, some great tips for using AI in content creation, and even has some tea about using AI-generated content in ad content. Buckle up and scroll on!

First up on the docket: Learn about using digitally altered content on Meta.


Meta’s New Disclosure Requirements for Digitally Altered Ad Content Are Now in Effect | Social Media Today 


Meta has implemented some new rules! These rules require advertisers to disclose digitally altered political ads, particularly those using AI-generated content. This is a good thing as it aims to address potential misinformation in campaigns. Meta has followed suit with other platforms like YouTube and TikTok also introducing transparency measures for AI-generated content. 


Advertisers on Meta must now indicate digital alterations, or face ad removal and bans. The move responds to the increasing realism of AI-generated content and seeks to prevent deception in political advertising. The policy is timely, given the U.S. Election campaign’s expected surge in generative AI ads. A blackout period a week before elections further aims to curb misleading content’s impact on voters.


Meta is requiring disclosure of digitally altered content aka AI generatedd

Next up: Google is changing the way we search (and how we are found) with generative AI.

AI in the news: The article introduces Google Search Generative Experience (SGE), an experimental search approach utilizing generative artificial intelligence (AI). SGE aims to provide users with quick and clear overviews of search topics without navigating individual webpages.




If you want to be ahead of the curve, read the full article to understand exactly how you can optimize your website content for generative AI. 

The best for last: Canva’s useful AI features.

If you haven’t invested in Canva Pro yet, this might be the final push you need. Canva has implemented AI features into almost every aspect of their software. Some of our favourite AI features in Canva are AI Voice, the endless options for AI-generated imagery. Canva’s AI features are truly changing the design landscape. 


Learn all about how to use it here, and then visit this link to add some apps into your Canva account!




We hope you’re inspired to optimize your workflow with AI. If you need a hands-on approach, we can teach you how to start in our Digital Marketing Training. If you want to learn more, we recommend starting here with our article about Using ChatGPT for Digital Marketing