October 15, 2018

5 Simple Copywriting Tips For Creating Stand-Out Posts

We all know that a post requires at least two things: an image and some copy. But when it comes to stopping your audience mid-scroll and compelling them to engage with your content, there’s so much more you can do.


Here’s a checklist of 5 simple copywriting tips you can apply to every post to help elevate your content and increase engagement.


1. Include hashtags


We recommend using one branded and one location- or industry-related hashtag on basically every post (#bluemoosemedia #YXE), followed by one or two that add a little flavour and fun.



Overall, use no more than 5, and capitalize the first letter of every word in each hashtag to make them easier to read.


2. Use emojis


Including emojis is shown to increase engagements by 25%!


These little guys add personality, visual interest, and even additional information to help enhance your story. Sure, some posts are too serious or formal in nature to warrant them, but they are effective in terms of getting people to pay a little more attention to your post.



Can’t find the perfect emoji? Check out emojipedia.org.


3. Avoid cognitive overload


A solid paragraph of text in a post is overwhelming and unappealing to your scrolling audience.


Besides using colourful emojis and hashtags to add interest, we recommend including white space after every 1 – 2 lines of copy to help avoid cognitive overload.



Give your followers small bites of copy that are easy to digest at a glance, and they’ll eat it up!


4. Bold words for effect


Okay, you can’t bold words. But you CAN capitalize them, and that’s what we suggest you do to call attention to certain words, and to add inflection to your writing.



Also, using the word FREE capitalized is proven to up the odds of someone engaging.


5. Be concise


Put all your thoughts and ideas down, then edit and rewrite. Walk away and revisit, edit and rewrite a bit more.



Keep your copy as concise as possible, while still conveying your full idea or story.​




When you’re sharing content, be sure to add your two cents in the post copy! Tell your followers why you’re sharing this content with them, and why you think it might matter to them.




Like what you learned? We know more things!


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