June 22, 2021

5 Fun Instagram Tips You Need to Try Today

Instagram is always evolving.


And we know it isn’t easy keeping up with all the new features. But it is exciting to try new ways to build your brand, so let us help you out.


Here are 5 fun Instagram tips you need to try today — to stay relevant, to increase your engagement, and to have some fun by getting creative!



#1. Add music to your Stories. 


Bring music to your Instagram content by searching and adding music clips to your photos or videos in Stories. 


Swipe up and find the “Music” sticker, search for your favourite song and you are good to go! You can choose between different formats that appear over your Stories. 



TIP: Try using the Music sticker to…


* showcase your team’s favourite jams


* hide background noises in videos 


* match the vibe of the Story



#2. Share posts from your feed on Stories.


The Instagram algorithm prioritizes news feed content based on whose accounts we check most often and whose content we continuously engage with (friends, family, celebrities, etc.). This means that as a business, it is difficult to get exposure on your followers’ feeds. 


By sharing your post to your story, it can increase the likelihood that more of your followers will see it.


It’s simple:


Find the post you want to share, tap the “share” button, then select “Add post to your story.”



#3. Get notifications when your favourite people or businesses post.


Never miss an Instagram post from your favourites. You can choose to get a notification every time a specific account posts a new photo, Stories, IGTV, or a Live Video. 


This way you’ll never miss viewing, liking, commenting, or sharing their content. Be a hype person! 


To turn on notifications, visit a user’s profile, click the “bell” icon. Toggle on or off the notifications you want.



#4. Add special fonts to your bio.


This simple hack will help your bio stand out:


Use a third-party website, such as igfonts.io


Write out your text, then select your favourite font.


Copy and paste into your Instagram bio. Voila! 



#5. Use Instagram polls in Stories.


Use the poll sticker to create a customizable survey for fun. People who view your Story can vote in the poll, and you’ll see the responses with names attached.


Just swipe up and tap the “Poll” sticker.


Type out a question and two different answers. Instagram provides default answers of “yes” or “no”, but these are customizable with words up to 22 characters.


BONUS: you can also add emojis! 



TIP: Try using the Poll sticker to…


* Ask (almost) anything. Make it fun, serious, or casual. 


* Discover what your customer wants. People love expressing themselves; answering polls is an easy win. 


* Educate your audience on your business. Pose questions about your business and see how many people know the right answer.



When creating content, keep in mind that creativity is king! You only have a second or two to capture the attention of your audience, and to do that, you need to be bold, interesting, and different. Push yourself to be as creative and unique as possible with your visuals, your text, your sound and the overall message you’re trying to present to your audience. Here’s hoping these 5 simple tips will help and inspire you.