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Tyrel Moe

Sales Manager

Riverside Dodge Prince Albert

"Blue Moose’s Digital Marketing Certification Program enabled our team to feel confident, get behind the wheel and drive our own online presence and business to the next level.

Their personal approach, paired with in-field experience, creates some of the best training money can buy. The investment paid for itself after our first day. Highly Recommend!"

- Google Reviews


Sheena Beatty


Crew Rowhouse 

 "The entire team at Blue Moose Media is knowledgable, friendly and helped improve my understanding of social media advertising/promotion immensely.

They are great at helping fill in the gaps, providing solutions to questions and key tools to maximize your social media skills no matter what level you are at!"

- Facebook Reviews


Jaimie Malmgren

Executive Director

Prairie Sky Chamber

"I can't say enough about the Blue Moose Media team and their Digital Marketing Certification course. The passion and dedication they have is evident in the delivery of a top notch course.

The time they took to ensure each area of the course is tailored to our specific needs was very much appreciated. It has been an eye opening experience. A BIG thank you to Ricky, Travis, Dallas and Dana!"

- Google Reviews


Monica Brunet


Clarence Campeau Development Fund

"What I really love about the Blue Moose Media digital marketing workshops is that they teach tools and strategies that really work.

I have been to other social media workshops, and often they stress the importance of taking part in Social Media but lack the how you do it part. There wasn't applicable information that we can put to use.

After taking the Blue Moose Media Digital Marketing Certification, we have implemented strategies at Clarence Campeau Development Fund and already begun to see results. A huge shout out for the Blue Moose Media team!"

- Facebook Reviews


Cheryl Monette

Business Development Specialist

Raymond James

"I recently attended the Digital Marketing course at Blue Moose Media and would like to thank the group for their personalized attention to each and every one of us.

Not only did they provide us with the formula for success using digital media from the very basics up, they ensured each one of us in the class was utilizing the right platform in the best way for our individual objectives.

In my opinion, that type of hands on, individual care puts Blue Moose Media above any other training you will find on-line or in classroom. Thanks a bunch!"

- Facebook Reviews


Cavrin Karchut

Owner & Salesman

Hudson Bay Distillers

"The time spent learning and growing with Blue Moose Media was nothing short of monumental.

The team displayed an immense amount of knowledge, understanding and patience. Three thing which are very much needed when dealing with people of all different skill sets and backgrounds!

I truly appreciate the opportunity to acquire the tools to begin my marketing conquest. Even though it goes without saying, I HIGHLY recommend Blue Moose Media!"

- Facebook Reviews


Brendon Demerais

Self-Employment Services Manager

Gabriel Dumont Institute

"The digital marketing certification provides a value to all businesses – whether big, small, or somewhere in between.

The workshop does a great job of demystifying the process of content creation, analysis, and measuring campaign success.

The workbook, tools, and teachings enable businesses to utilize digital media more effectively and produce meaningful results. I would highly recommend Blue Moose Media."

- Facebook Reviews


Lesley Sterling

General Manager

Northwest Community Features

"Ricky, Travis and the team at Blue Moose Media provide exceptional social media training programs and engaging, relevant keynote speaking engagements.

Their training helped us grow Northwest Community Futures' Facebook page so much that we've recommended the program to other businesses in our region.

As well, Ricky is a captivating speaker and his unique story is perfect for public events--like the 2019 Community Futures Saskatchewan Conference, where he wowed the crowd!"

- Google Reviews


Christine Marie


Awasis Boutique

"I was not sure what to expect when I registered for this course. The Blue Moose Media team blew me away with how knowledgeable, patient + fun they were through out their 4 day course.

They use a variety of teaching strategies that promote student engagement including lecture, hands on + discussion.

If your looking to learn more about Digital Marketing, you will want to add this one to your list of MUST-DOS!"

- Facebook Reviews


Jade Moore

Co-owner & Realtor

Eve Realty Inc.

"Just finished the Digital Marketing Certification with Blue Moose Media, and it was AMAZING!

I am so excited to put everything I have learned to good use and grow my business on social media! The course exceeded all of my expectations - we learned SO MUCH!

Also, the  crew were all very helpful, and I felt like no course attendee was left behind! They spent lots of one-on-one time with each of us to ensure we were retaining all of the information and were able to apply it comfortably. Definitely worth the investment!"

- Facebook Reviews


 Lana Moldenhauer

General Manager

Draganfly Innovations

"Their team has a wealth of knowledge and the information is presented in a fun, easy-to-learn way that isn' t overwhelming.

They've structured it in a way that allows a perfect amount of time for both learning and putting it into practice. I felt as though they were catering to our specific needs and I didn't think anything was irrelevant to us.

We've been putting what we've learned into practice and the quality of our posts as well as our engagement has increased a lot! The training course is the best workshop I've ever had the pleasure of attending. I highly recommend it!"

- Google Reviews


Holly Burgess

Insurance Broker

Hoffmann Kool Insurance

"SO much information and yet presented clearly, and very easy to understand. The Blue Moose Team does an amazing job of teaching and ins and outs of social media marketing.

I found the four days to be very warm, easy going and full of learning. Its really a great atmosphere. And that new location is ah-mazing!"

- Google Reviews


Jody Hanton

Mortgage Associate

One St. Mortgage

"I attended the 4 day social media certification course sponsored by the Gabriel Dumont Institute.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to grow their business through social media.

The people over at Blue Moose did a great job, covered a lot of topics and were entertaining along the way. Definitely check it out!"

- Facebook Reviews


Tanya Matsalla

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Wiegers Financial & Benefits

"Holy cannoli - Blue Moose Media rocks!!! I just completed their Digital Marketing Certification course, and I now have the confidence and tools to take Wiegers Financial & Benefits' digital marketing next level!

GREAT course offered by a FABULOUS team. HIGHLY recommended!"

- Google Reviews


Roland Corrigal

Singer & Songwriter

"Ricky, Travis, and the whole Blue Moose herd are very knowledgeable and experienced in everything social media.

Their 4-day certification course is valuable for beginners and even the most experienced will have something to gain. They are patient and understand the importance in helping you understand how things work.

Get a consult if you are looking to boost your business presence in a modern way! Cheers!"

- Facebook Reviews