Ricky Forbes - Blue Moose Media
His Favourite...
Dirty Dancing
Pizza. No, cake. Pizza cake.
Canadian Rockies or Tornado Alley
His Jam...

How he got here
  • Completed his Finance degree at the University of Saskatchewan
  • Left everything behind to go chasing tornadoes
  • Purely by living, breathing and learning everything he could about online marketing, Ricky turned that adventure into a successful TV show called “Tornado Hunters”, along with speaking gigs and sponsorships
  • As SK’s biggest influencer, he has grown his social media audience to over 600,000 followers and continues to leverage that for his outdoor adventure projects
When he’s not here, he loves…
  • Spending time with his family
  • Outdoor adventure-ing
  • Making time for photography, videography, reading and fitness
Inspired by…

The belief that you are given one life; make the most of it. It’s not about throwing yourself off a cliff (although that is fun), it’s about seeing the bright side of life and making the most of it.