her Favourite...
Any biography
Hot Rod (easy choice)
on a boat on ANY lake or Vietnam
fresh bread, anything covered in buffalo hot sauce… is craft beer a food?
her Jam...

How she got here
  • Edwards School of Business graduate; from day 1 in university, she knew she wanted to study marketing
  • Spent the last four years working in different areas of marketing
  • Loves the people side of the business even more than the process, and is happy to combine the best of both worlds at Blue Moose Media
When she’s not here, she loves…
  • Hangin’ outside with a cold one in hand
  • Hopping on a plane to her next destination
  • Dancing and singing to any and every song (public places don’t stop her)
  • Biking, snowboarding and outdoor activities, usually with friends
Inspired by…

The thought of making a difference in people’s lives, even just for a moment. We are ALL human—let’s just treat each other with dignity and look out for each other while having fun along the way.